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Jordan Township is home to approximately 992 very astute people, who have chosen to live in this glorious 34.5 square mile tract of rolling and timbered hills, rich farmland, and black, loamy fen intersected by the Jordan River.


Though not large, we have seen 13% population growth since 2000, and those lucky enough to live here know why. It’s a beautiful area, abundant in diverse natural resources and wildlife. Jordan Township is the very doorstep of the Jordan Valley’s 18,000 acres of state land, and home to the Jordan River – Michigan's first waterway to be officially designated as a Wild and Scenic River.


In the township, the only “town” is Chestonia, the once-thriving intersection of Old State and M-66, where a busy railway once routinely acquired and dispensed passengers to and from our neck of the woods. Today even the railroad grade is hard to identify in a gentle swell along the grassy and tree-shaded terrain.


These days we are largely content to be a farming community, and a warm welcome to visitors to the Valley. And for those who call Jordan Township home, it is definitely where the heart is.







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